Upgrade to Oauth 2.0 compliance and single server authentication

Big updates to our infastructure to improve current and future services

Posted on April 10, 2019

In the coming weeks we will be making large changes to our Kilo branded sign in infastructure. We will be making the jump from traditional session based login to API driven login following Oauth 2.0 compliance. The goal of this upgrade is to increase security and unify all sign ins across Kilo branded services.

Oauth 2.0 compliance will also allow for the possibility of creating more secure apps for services that require such a technology. Currently no mobile apps by Kilo Studios require sign in, so no updates will be needed.

Services will be down briefly when this update rolls out to production. All existing accounts will be maintained and users with separate Kiloforms and Kiloscan accounts will get an email with steps on how to merge them.

Single server authentication will bring simplicity to signing in across our services, and we cannot wait to see what else this technology enables us to do.

We thank you for your time and understanding!